About Us

Who We Are

At AlphaFlight, family and flying are linked — whether by genetics or by the grace of God. Grounded in a combined seven decades of aviation experience including flying military fighter jets and legacy airlines; working for and designing pilot training programs for regional carriers, offering in-depth aviation industry knowledge that translates into a unique approach to student training.

Building Connections

Everything we do as a Part 141 flight school is backed by the industry mechanics of flying as well as teaching the fundamentals that help us connect as humans and, as pilots. A key component of our training approach is the Symbiotics ADAPT Aviation Assessment tool that we incorporate into the enrollment process. For our Private Pilot and Career Pilot students, we’ll use this aptitude test to learn how familiar you are with aviation training so we can personalize our teaching approach. In the end you’ll be better prepared for what lies ahead.

Launching Careers

This early first step allows you and AlphaFlight instructors to evaluate potential barriers to help you decide if becoming a Pilot is the right career. We’ll work with you to identify the right career in aviation before you’ve invested sums of money and time on flight training only to find your skills are better suited in another aviation career.

alpha flight plymouth indiana 46563We Are Family!

Location, Location, Location

If location is everything, then look no further than AlphaFlight’s campus in Plymouth, Indiana. Nestled in an uncontrolled airport setting at Plymouth Municipal Airport, students have plenty of room to practice taxiing and landing, yet still receive personalized attention.

Housing Accommodations

We understand that students not only come from the local area but also from afar which can be challenging. AlphaFlight assists by offering housing options for our Career Pilot students. Contact us for more information.

Dan Marohn

Operations Manager & Co-Founder

Learning to fly as a teen, Dan Marohn studied aviation in college, flew F16 fighter jets for the U.S. Air Force, and currently flies for a commercial airline full time. Dan is AlphaFlight’s Co-Founder and Operations Manager, with a deep passion for training future pilots.

Jake Marohn, ATP

General Manager

Even as a licensed Career Pilot, Jake is happiest as a pilot trainer and is steadfast in his goal to raise the training bar for future aviators.

Jodi Marohn

Flight Training Manager

Flying is part of Jodi’s DNA. Still, becoming a Private Pilot, earning her Instrument Rating, and joining the family business at AlphaFlight wasn’t what Jodi planned for.

Ken Norris


When one door temporarily closed for Ken, two more opened, including becoming a partner at AlphaFlight.

Bill Sheley

Plymouth Airport Operations Manager, AlphaFlight Pilot Instructor

Flying was a passion for Bill at an early age. But it wasn’t until he was well into adulthood that a career in aviation became a reality.

Stories that inspire!

Meet our Certified Flight Instructors (CFI)

MoeSeifi Najmi

Chief Instructor for Instrument Rating

Flying and food hold equal weight at the top of Moe’s list of passions. When he’s not working, Moe loves eating kebobs and enjoys cooking for family and friends. Known as the funny one among AlphaFlight’s team of instructors, he enjoys the psychology behind getting to know his students to help him craft the best approach to training.

    It helps me to anticipate what they will do next. Either I can let them continue, interfere or prevent them from doing that.


    Certified Flight Instructor

    As a boy, Chris’ parents took him to an air show. From then on, the dream of flying a plane one day never left him. As one of AlphaFlight’s instructors, Chris says it’s the chance to share his dream with future pilots that gets him out of bed each day.

      I love teaching because I get to meet new people every day and find new ways to teach since everyone learns differently.


      Certified Flight Instructor

      Ask anyone to describe Jonah in one word and they’ll all say ‘persistent.’ Once he sets a goal there’s nearly nothing that can stop him. Owning that trait helps Jonah bring that same can-do attitude to AlphaFlight for his students every day.

        I see a bit of myself in everyone I teach. I want to bring out the passion for flight in everyone that sits with me in the cockpit.