Jodi Marohn

Flight Training Manager

Jodi Marohn

Flying is part of Jodi’s DNA. Still, becoming a Private Pilot, earning her Rnstrument Rating, and joining the family business at AlphaFlight wasn’t what Jodi planned for.

Jodi is also from an aviation family. Her great-grandfather – a pilot and doctor during the Great Depression – flew to and from local farms to visit patients, and later started a flight school in Florida. Flying was also imprinted on her by her mother, a flight attendant.

Tagging along on long-haul flights with her mother, Jodi followed the stars and wondered what kind of career would stoke her imagination as she grew into womanhood. In keeping with family tradition, Jodi took a break from college to earn her Private Pilot’s License at AlphaFlight in 2020. She didn’t envision meeting and, eventually, marrying Jake, nor becoming the school’s Flight Training Manager.

Jodi champions AlphaFlight’s ethos of mentorship for success as it matches her personal drive to excel at whatever task she starts. Her goal at AlphaFlight: Create a welcoming and professional environment where students become some of the most experienced pilots in the industry. She strives to give students a community of people who lead with integrity and principle, and, of course, strive for excellence in their training.

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