Checkride Advantage

Our Study Guides Give You the Advantage

Did you know that only about 78% of pilots pass on their first attempt of the Private Pilot checkride? At AlphaFlight, we want to ensure you’re included in that pass rate. That’s why our General Manager and  ATP certificated pilot, Jake Marohn, developed a special guidebook, Checkride Advantage, to help you be as prepared as possible for your checkride.

What is a Checkride?

In addition to the training necessary to earn a Private Pilot’s License (PPL) or higher rating or certification, you must complete the FAA Practical Exam or what pilots call the “checkride.” Here, an FAA examiner “checks” or tests your aviation knowledge via a flight exam and an oral exam. We want you to be more than ready for your evaluation, so our Checkride Advantage add-on study guide for the oral examination that’s available for purchase.

Why the Checkride guide is worth it

We have compiled research from other students’ experiences, interviews with FAA Designated Pilot Examiners (DPE), and our knowledge based on a combined seven decades of industry experience and poured it into the Checkride Advantage guides. We want our pilots to be among the best in the industry. That means having a complete understanding of the technical information is essential.

What you’ll get

The Checkride Advantage books contain DOZENS of short, and easy-to-digest study notes to help you pass the oral exam. We’ve simplified HUNDREDS of pages of complex, technical material to help you understand it and recall it when needed. Most of our guides are about 10 pages in length. Each was created to save you time, effort, and the frustration of failing the oral exam.

Q & A.

How many checkrides do I need to complete before I become an airline pilot?

From your first certification, Private Pilot, all the way through to Airline Transport or ATP, you’ll need to complete about five checkride exams. That’s assuming you are successful the first time on each exam. Studying with our Checkride Advantage guides more than prepares you for the oral exam and reduces the chance of a retake.

Does Checkride Advantage involve personal instruction in addition to the training I’m already signed up for?

The Checkride Advantage study guides are materials you can review on your own schedule. We designed them to prepare you for the oral portion of the checkride for all pilot ratings and certifications.

As an AlphaFlight student, you’re more than welcome to ask the training team any questions as you study! We want you to have the confidence and technical knowledge to pass and continue your training.