Dan Marohn, ATP

Dan Marohn

Operations Manager & Co-Founder

As a full-time commercial airline pilot, Dan didn’t intend to become part owner of a flight school. When he wasn’t flying for American Airlines, Dan, the family patriarch, would spend time visiting his friend Bill Sheley, the manager of Plymouth Airport, and a local high school teacher.

In 2018, Dan recalled Bill sharing two interesting facts: The airport was looking for investments for the future and the local high school was ready to create an aviation program. Bill’s recommendation? Create a flight school and train future pilots.

The investment made sense. Dan’s love of flying began as a teen which led to earning a college degree in aviation management. Dan went on to fly F16 fighter jets for the U.S. Air Force, and, after two decades, he moved on to American Airlines where he currently flies full time.

Confident in his desire to mentor future pilots, he sought support for running a business. Bill offered a solution by connecting Dan to Ken Norris, a fellow commercial airline pilot with several thriving local businesses, who was renting hangar space at Plymouth Airport.

It would take a lot of prayer and planning over the next two years before AlphaFlight would open its doors. Nevertheless, Dan knew God would provide the direction he had been seeking.

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